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Home 평화센터 주요사업 6.15 남북정상회담 기념식(6.15 8주년 기념식)

Today, we who have gathered to commemorate the eighth anniversary of the June 15 South-North Joint Declaration are proud of, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon who, as a South Korean national, is well performing his duty to realize the hope of all the human race: promoting democracy, peace, and human rights across the world. We express our respect and gratitude for every effort he has made so far.  

However, there are still many regions suffering from wars, conflicts, dictatorships, and atrocious massacre, where democracy and human rights are oppressed. We expect Secretary General Ban's greater roles and efforts in further promoting reconciliation, peace, and democracy in these regions. Hoping that the noble efforts of the United Nations and Secretary General Ban achieve substantial results, we extend our support and encouragement to them, delivering a message as follows:

1. We hope that the UN makes efforts so that Zimbabwe's presidential runoff election scheduled for June 27 takes place in a fair manner and that regime change to democratic government can be peacefully secured.  

2. We hope that the UN plays an active role in brining peace and security to Burma, which is suffering from catastrophic natural disasters, and in helping the country make its own way to democracy, ending military dictatorship as soon as possible.  

3. We hope that the UN makes efforts to stop cruel massacre occurring in Darfur by Sudanese government troops and their allied militias so that such atrocious genocide can be terminated.

4. We hope that the UN makes efforts to realize peace and security and to uphold human dignity in all regions still suffering from conflicts and human rights violations.

June 12, 2008
Kim Dae-jung Peace Center & Participants of the Event Commemorating the Eighth Anniversary of the June 15 South-North Joint Declaration